International Training Program International Training Program (ITP)
Formation of the Asian Center for Earth Resources and Environmental Research for International Research Associates and Graduate Students

Human Network connects Asian Institutes with World-wide Institutes for Earth Resources and the Environment

Humanity is faced with the urgent problem of the exhaustion of resources while other global environmental problems push from behind. In particular, the rapid increase in resource and energy consumption in developing Asian countries has cast a shadow over the sustainability of human activities that Japan has achieved as an Asian nation and one of the world’s advanced nations. Cooperative studies and activities by young researchers are an important element in resolving problems found in Asia. This project aimed to promote international activities related to research and the training of young graduate students and research associate researchers who are investigating the problems we presently face, and carried out for 5 years during FY2008 to FY2012.

Divisions of the School of Engineering, Kyushu University that are related to earth resources and the environment will be strengthened as the center that will connect Asian institutes with other institutes around the world in appropriate areas of research and education through the present project. The project had function to promote the training of young researchers and graduate students in an international cooperative network with four Institutions; Lund University, the Environmental System Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI), New Hampshire University and the University of Alberta. These have been advanced institutes working in the specified areas focused on by the project. The goal of the project was to link young researchers so they could work together to analyze and find solutions to problems arising in the Asian region that are related to the Earth’s resources and environment. The project was preceded with a systematic program to provide research and training opportunities for young researchers. They were trained to take a global viewpoint from within the international cooperation-related network drawing on skills in the fields of earth resources and the environment. The project was over on March 31st, 2013, however the systematic dispatch system is continued and further cooperation is enhanced between Kyushu University and the international cooperative institutions.

Five Years Achievement of the Project Open PDF File